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Any Merchandise To Be Available?
  • Legion242Legion242  
    Obviously an R film won't have Happy Meal promos, but do you all think anything will be available? Weyland shirts or hats, etc.
  • ViscalViscal  
    AFAIK, just this so far:
    I wanna go home and party.
  • Legion242Legion242  
    I would rather see things from winthin the movie then just promotional crap, IMHO.
  • RobotpoRobotpo  
    Along with the official soundtrack (released yesterday on Itunes), the coffee table book containing art and material from the making of the film, and action figures from NECA and possibly Hot Toys.

    And a very slight hint at future Prometheus comics: posted on the AVP Galaxy message board a while back by a mod in contact with editors at Dark Horse Comics was this remark --

    I asked Chris Warner sometime ago but was told something along the lines of "watch this space".

    Of course, that probably means nothing, but Dark Horse does have a long history with the Alien franchise (having done comics based on the series since the 80's).

    Finally as WETA is involved on the film, and they usually provide models from their work through Sideshow Collectibles (who've previously done Alien and Predator products), I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see models from Prom including creatures and possibly the Prometheus herself further down the line.
  • you know they had a couple of artists do the ampules - fired them in sawdust in pinewood.
    Maybe they'll do a limited edition?
  • VisionistVisionist  
    I would totally buy a Prometheus scale model. The ship's design has really grown on me.

    Already ordered the soundtrack CD and Art Of The Film book via Amazon.
    I'm the man who gets to fly around in a helicopter with a gun.
    You call me MUFWIG.
    Mother Fucker What's In Charge.
  • NragemachineNragemachine  
    No U.S. sites for merch yet? 
    Assholes and elbows.
  • Legion242Legion242  
    I've got a Nostromo ball cap and a Weyland/Yutani Tshirt, but would really like a Weyland shirt like the one Janek is wearing.
  • There is/will be action figures.

    "Everything living is dying, everything dying is dead"

    The Prometheus Store app from the official Facebook page. 

    T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, iPhone and iPad cases, bumper sticker, a poster and buttons.

    I think I'm definitely getting the "Prometheus We Are the Gods T-Shirt". Aw, hell, I'mma even get the bumper sticker :D
    In the heavens they found Hell.
  • Legion242Legion242  

    Wow, there is some cool shit on that site. A little pricy but a shirt, an Iphone case and a bumber sticker will definietly be bought by me.


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