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  • greenduskgreendusk  
    Hi everyone ! New to the forum. French Alien fan. Reading your posts for days. FInally signed up. Writing short sentences.

    Sorry if it has been talked about in another thread : 

    The only things I can see on "Week 2" of the Facebook Starmap is an animated gif representing a paper map (?) and a sentence : "The journey continues here ; Press site name". It seems possible to click on the sentence but nothing happens. Is there a bug ? Am I missing something here ?

    When they say "Site", are they dealing with a Web SIte ? Or an Arcaelogical site such as the temples found on LV-233 ?

    Please help me understand.

  • drxs0drxs0  
    It is safe to click the link.  I heard they were having problems with week 2 and did everything at another site.  Could be wrong.  But the site they are referring to is a website.
    ~In Space No One Can Hear You Scream~
  • greenduskgreendusk  
    Does anybody have the URL for this link ?
  • terrapinbearterrapinbear  
    =\/\/= The Prometheus Has Landed! =\/\/=
  • greenduskgreendusk  
    Thank you very much indeed !


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