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Theories on why the Engineers want us Dead.
  • BlackWolfBlackWolf  (2 like this)
    So as I was geeking out after watching Prometheus, I wondered about the opening scene.  First I assume it was a salute to 2001, but also the beginning of life on earth.  The had all of the meaning mythology and analogy that Prometheus myth has.  A god sacrifices himself to create his children etc.  The obvious question after that was, if they went through the trouble of creating us, then why attempt to destroy us.  David answered the question during film in which he said, "sometimes, in order to create something, you must first destroy..."  The answer was generic, and obviously unsatisfying, so I began to think, and came up with 3 possibilities.

    1.  The Engineers just have a God complex, and feel like its their right, being a species that is possibly millions of years older than us, or thousands, whatever... I feel like this is a cop out.  It didn't explain the visceral hate that the last engineer had for the humans in the scene when he killed Weyland.  Especially considering that after the ship crash his first instinct was to make sure that there were no survivors, instead of just going to another ship and taking off to complete his mission.

    2.  If Ridley Scott doesn't mind the crossover created by the AVP series in the comics and film franchise then another possibility is that they engineered the Predators as well and didn't like the result.  They may waged a war against the Predators and not faired so well.  Instead of risking another event like that with humans, they opted for a first strike.  Its less of a cop out, but doesn't really stick with the themes of the film,  I could be wrong.

    3.  I like this one the most.  The Engineers reaction to seeing humans was akin to a vampire hunter's view on Vampires.  It had a strong tinge of religious zeal.  He attacked without mercy or hesitation.  This is purely conjecture, but what if in the Engineers world view so religious prophet foretold of the the destruction of their world at the hands of humans.  IT sort of lines up with the fact that Shaw and David are paying them a visit in a ship full of plague.  The whole story is a Frankenstein analogy, but it would be poetic if Shaw destroyed them with their own weapon. 

    Anyway, I guess we'll see.  I really enjoyed the movie
  • AzraelAzrael  (2 like this)
    we served our purpose so its time to get rid of us like a scientist would with his dangerous experiment at the conclusion of his work.
  • Dancing_FrogDancing_Frog  (4 like this)
    My human centric theory....

    2000 years ago, our measured technological progress over time accelerated and has been accelerating ever since. That coupled with our aggressive and prolific nature led the engineers to believe that within a millennium or two that they would be dealing with a potential threat to their civilization.

    My wife's engineer centric theory....

    A political upheaval in the engineer's society 2000 years ago made them decide that they could no longer afford the risk of experimenting with life, and they decided to clean up all their unfinished experiments.
    Rocket Scientist
  • topher666topher666  (1 like this)
    I was thinking it had something to do with killing Christ. The 2000 year old head seemed like the hint.
  • Colonial_MarineColonial_Marine  (1 like this)
    ^^^ We know that was definitely a consideration on RS and Lindelof's part. Lindelof has said that it was around the time of the Roman empire, and that it has to make you think when and why? From a religious aspect, it would make sense and could easily be tied to an immaculate conception, a reverence of a being from those that created us, and a thought that the Engineers didn't like the way we were heading in that time ( even though I know historically there was a lot of peace and prosperity) or that they realized they we would in time become powerful ourselves. But they were obviously expecting us to reach that point with leaving the star maps.

    Leading into the two most important quotes in the movie, IMHO. A king has his reign and then he dies & What child doesn't dream of killing its parents/father (can't remember the exact words)...

  • sgokansgokan  (3 like this)
    I think the Engineer was appalled at us having created something so artificial as David and that enraged him. 

    He didn't start attacking the humans until AFTER David tried talking to him, & he touched him. Also the strife with the girl screaming, and the other humans restraining her would send a signal to this possibly military-minded Engineer that these beings were violent, intelligent & dangerous even to themselves.

    Furthermore, he might have decided to kill everyone else to avoid having living HOSTS for the monsters in the jars, so he could contain the situation. 

    Earth didn't stand out on the star charts until the very end, AFTER David had been playing w/ em for a bit. He could have lied about them having Earth as their next destination. Why? So the girl would come rescue his ugly head, his chances w/ her alive were better than with the Engineer.

  • The urn room had a mural of the xeno and the engineer, right?  Perhaps they wanted to destroy humans to seed the xeno.  Not for any particular reason besides they can.  If that goo in the cargo was the same as in the urn room and they were headed to earth, it seems logical that was their goal.  But of course they couldn't contain it and shit hit the fan -- they all died except that last one.
  • This all revolves around the xenos, I believe that the engineers ultimate gal is to create the ultimate being or the xenomorph as we know. Also as we all know aliens need a host to be born this is where the humans come in. Perhaps we were created as part of a greater goal which was to create the xenomorph. Now they have they don't see any need for us anymore!
  • The Engineers want us dead because WE are the result of the Engineer ingesting the goo in the beginning, therefore we are just another uncontrollable reacts that the goo produces with side effects. There is no indication that the Engineers even know humans exist! That's why it takes the Engineer at the end a few moments to realize that we're just another by product of their chemical weapon. He acted like the humans do every time there is something new an unknown... he waits a few moments to collect his thoughts before he realizes that something truly dangerous is standing in front of him.

    Humanity was an afterthought, a mistake, a dangerous by product like the rest of the effects the goo had on creatures it infected.
  • Facehugger_JohnFacehugger_John  (1 like this)

    I don't think they do want us dead.  If they were determined to kill us they probably could have done so, just by sending another ship.

    My impression is that they have seeded many, many worlds, and were weeding out all of the failures.  They may have wanted to produce a superior, more worthy version of themselves.


    "Son of a betch. They were right."
  • TheCollectorTheCollector  (1 like this)
    My theory on all this is maybe the ones on LV223 were like a separate faction from the rest of the Engineers who maybe were angered by the fact that one of their own would create new life using it's own dna. So they wanted to wipe earth out as they felt human's were a disrespect to their people.

    But maybe the main faction didn't feel that way so the one's who did broke off and went to LV223.

    I'm probably wrong, but it would explain why in 2000 years the Engineer's didn't try to wipe us out again. The one's who wanted too were all dead.
  • XenoWorfXenoWorf  
    All this will be explained in the the sequel, "Prometheuses",  where an Engineer tells Shaw "Meesa no want you dead but big King Jockey say yousa baaaad influence on rest of galaxy!"

  • SarahmorrowSarahmorrow  (1 like this)
    Hi guys.  Just saw the movie and found this forum.

    It's interesting to speculate on why the engineer attacked the humans who revived him. My assumption was that he viewed us as a flawed product, and a dangerous one.  By "flawed" I mean that we're obviously inferior to the beings who created us, as they were portrayed in the film. 

    There are several references in the movie to the machine resenting and destroying its creator; another possibility that occurred to me watching it,  was may be that we (humans) or some analogue of us on another world might have rebelled against our creators,  and since that time they've become proactive about destroying us.

    When the engineer destroyed David, I felt at the time that he was motivated by contempt... contempt, perhaps, for our audacity in becoming creators of life, or faux life, ourselves.  (Or for worshipping false "gods" like Jehovah (from their point of view) --- assuming they have a desire to be worshipped.)   That would seem to go along with the legend of Prometheus, the idea that the gods have no tolerance for humans with aspirations to live like gods.

    Their desire to destroy us could also be seen as parallel to Ripley's desire to destroy the aliens in the previous movies.  If she came upon some aliens she wouldn't waste time trying to compare notes with them, she'd just start blasting.

    I may have misread the movie, but I assumed that after engineering us, they engineered the "aliens" to destroy us.  Whatever their reasons for creating ourselves and the aliens, their creations have gotten out of hand. 

  • homer1962homer1962  
    Welcome Sarahmorrow, enjoy your stay. I think you are on the right track. Cheers.
  • JonnywinJonnywin  (2 like this)
    We are just another species of xenomorph to them.

    Maybe they want to further evolve us rather than destroy us.
  • SalvorhardinSalvorhardin  (1 like this)
    Why do the "engineers" want to kill us"? 

    Sibling Jealousy.

    At the start of the film there is an appearance by a spacecraft which looks far more advanced than the Space Jockey's ships, which, one could argue, belongs to an as yet unseen, alien race. Perhaps it is this race which is truly the "the Gods" (since we are running with the theme of the ancient Greek prometheus).

    They may have made two separate races, a Cain and Able so to speak.

    Their first race, the Cain race - went bad. They became sick and evil, and the Gods did nothing to intervene. On Earth, the Gods did intervene, to stop the same thing happening (around 2000 years ago - this is telegraphed several times with Rapace's crucifix). Somehow "Cain" found out about the God's love for mankind, and in a jealous fit of rage, began to make plans for our destruction, by dabbling in "fire".

    Once again the Gods intervened on our behalf - spoiling the Space Jockeys' plans in the "over the top" manner of the ancient greek Gods (a chest bursted open / an eagle tearing out ones liver) and all but destroying them, until humanities curiosity gets the better of us and we discover the black nanotech "fire".
  • 77TownCar77TownCar  
    Lets start with what we know.
    Prometheus in Greek mythology was a minor God, ruled by Zeus.
    The Engineers were using the planet as a miltary base with at least 4 complexes, each for whatever reason resembling a primitive religious structure (ie like a pyramid etc).
    Presumably each contained a spaceship underneath, presumably filled with the biological warfare weapons.
    Presumably all these bases were overcome at the same time by the bio-engineered 'aliens', which killed all but 1? of the Engineers.
    The earth space ship contained living spaces, recreational spaces, amenities, and workshops etc.  It also housed vehicles for surface travel.
    The Engineers' spaceship and complex seemed to contain no such facilities or equipment, at least that we saw.

    On an uninhabited planet (but for worms?) the Engineers seemed to have gone to a lot of trouble building pyramids and vast underground complexes instead of simple hangars....why?

    Why do the complexes look like primitive religious structures on Earth, and why did one (at least) contain a giant statue of a human head?  Were primitive humans brought there?  If so, why?

    Given the planet was used - apparently - for 4 or so military spaceship hangars, why has the Engineers' home planet or another base not either gone to their aid 2,000 years ago, or executed the mission these ones were apparently planning, given that this base's bio-weapons eradicated its soldiers and cancelled its mission?

    We saw the 3D video images of Engineers running in terror trying to escape the aliens/bio-weapons.  The weapons are extremely why are they stored so incredibly carelessly in exposed, loose vases all over the place????  Human soldiers would not store deployed nuclear/chemical/bio weapons so stupidly.

    What kind of idiots would wake up and IMMEDIATELY harrass with argument and overlapping demands and questions an alien humanoid, presumably the first known sentient alien being, the instant he is awoken from a 2,000 hibernation.....would you wake up a bear in Spring and poke it with sticks?  

  • ndetherockndetherock  (1 like this)
    I may be way off, but maybe the sj knew his viles were open and that the humans would bare xenomorphs so he wanted to kill them before they brought doom.

    I do like the theory that the first thing he hears is selfishness from weyland. A species who at the beginning gives its own life to create life, is awoken by its creation and is doing anything to not die. In fact he doesn't go crazy until weyland has Shaw struck and David speaks.
  • ummesterummester  

    I know this wasn't the writers or directors intent but I like to think they created us to worship them. One of their kind sacrificed themselves for us, so that we could look to them.

    The starmaps show that we still were worshipping them - look where our benifactors come from kind of thing.

    Then, 2000 years ago, it all changed. A man came along and sacrificed himself for us, provoking us to look inside ourselves and have faith in ourselves.

    We were attaining too much mental and spiritual freedom for them to handle, so they start to create something to take us out.

    Suck fuddlety!
  • 77TownCar77TownCar  (2 like this)
    The Greek Gods of mythology were extremely disfunctional and violent amongst themselves and against their creation, humanity.

    "In Greek mythology, the Titans (Greek????? - Ti-tan; plural: ??????? - Ti-tânes) were a race of powerful deities, descendants of Gaia andUranus, that ruled during the legendary Golden Age.

    In the first generation of twelve Titans, the males were OceanusHyperionCoeusCronusCrius and Iapetus and the females wereMnemosyneTethysTheiaPhoebeRhea and Themis. The second generation of Titans consisted of Hyperion's children EosHelios, andSelene; Coeus's daughters Leto and Asteria; Iapetus's sons AtlasPrometheusEpimetheus, and Menoetius; Oceanus' daughter Metis; and Crius's sons AstraeusPallas, and Perses.

    The Titans were overthrown by a race of younger gods, the Olympians, in the Titanomachy ("War of the Titans"). This represented a mythological paradigm shift that the Greeks may have borrowed from the Ancient Near East.[1]" (Wikipedia)

    Regarding Prometheus:
    "After Prometheus' theft of fire, Zeus sent Pandora in retaliation. Despite Prometheus' warning, Epimetheus accepted this "gift" from the gods. Pandora carried a jar with her, from which were released (91–92) "evils, harsh pain and troublesome diseases which give men death".[13] Pandora shut the lid of the jar too late to contain all the evil plights that escaped, but foresight remained in the jar, giving mankind hope." (Wikipedia).

    The jar that the Engineer drank from at the ancient Iceland waterfall, and possibly the many jars of black goo, may be a reference to this.

    Somewhere in Greek mythology lies the direction of the unfolding story.
  • AirwindAirwind  
    The engineer who killed himself. I think he is the one who released the bio weapons on it's own team sent to destroy earth. Maybe he did not think human should be destroyed. 
  • ryhenryryhenry  (1 like this)
    What if the planet that Prometheus takes place on was originally Paradise?  Thus the invitation by the Engineers...  Or at the very least the star map to where they are from...  

    What if the black goo was developed on this planet originally as a life-giving substance?

    A priestly contingent/sect of the Engineers had developed this substance as a means to spreading life throughout the universe but eventually, as humanity has done (see the Crusades and all other wars inspired by religious zeal) this life-force was warped and distorted (circa 2000 years ago) into something it was not originally meant to be. Ala, "In this sign you will conquer." - Constantine anyone?

    The end result, much like where religious intentions have taken the modern word, is some weird blend of terrorism and religious fanaticism...

    As we have taken Christ, Islam, Yahweh, etc. and distorted their images into something that allows us to hate and destroy our fellow human-beings, the Engineers took something which once gave life and turned it into a weapon.

    In other words religion used as a vehicle for compassion and procreation = good.  Religion used as a vehicle for fanatical short-sighted destruction of dissimilar beings/ideas = bad.

    I still don’t understand what made the black goo bad.  Maybe it is a matter of intention?  Self sacrifice = creation.  Whereas selfishness = destruction.

    Don’t take any of this as Gospel... :)
  • madman12222madman12222  
    I Have a theory and it's called the Exile theory

    From the beginning of the movie we see the lone engineer walking the ancient earth alone as the ship fly's off and i  think they left him there to die because he may have committed a crime among them or did something that cause the engineers to hate him for it and left him on earth to die alone.

    Then we have the black goo and what i think of it as a way to commit suicide to destroy his very DNA, and ill use the pirates from the Caribbean movie as a example the ship left jack all alone on the island with no food or water and a loaded pistol with only one shot which was intended for him tom kill himself rather to die slowly from starvation.

    But this engineer thought of a way to have a little pay back from the others because i think he knew that if he drank that goo next too water then it would mix and recreate his DNA thus creating life in the name of a exiled Criminal who was left for dead.

    Then a few thousand years later and we see out ancestors roam the earth then we have the Normal engineers who come to the earth to see what has happened and they see us and we worship them as gods and as with every advance civilization would do they start and do experiments on us with our DNA and they notice something that we have the same DNA as them and they start to think that this whole species were caused by a Hated engineer who was exiled on the earth thousands of years ago.

    They see us as that engineer who created us and see us as a abomination and want us dead because of that one hated engineer who killed himself with the Goo so they start and work on a bio weapon to kill us all and as they start to load ships with a new Goo that will infect us, Then something happened like the Goo got loose and they stared to die on LV-223 and soon abandoned it and left the weapon there

     with the few living engineers still alive that hope to complete their mission of infecting earth they go into cryo sleep but don't head to earth but remain on LV-223 till Prometheus came along and let the last loving engineer on the ship to kill most of the people and try and complete his mission and head to earth to kill us all with the Goo
  • Jonnywin said:

    We are just another species of xenomorph to them.

    Maybe they want to further evolve us rather than destroy us.

    "Son of a betch. They were right."
  • kamikazekurtkamikazekurt  
    Humans were created with Engineer DNA and so they feel that it's their right to take it away, the fact that we are sentinent beings means nothing to them.  The Engineers create and destroy as they see fit.  But as to why they want humans destroyed, well if/when Prometheus 2 comes out, hopefully Shaw will find those answers out because that's why she's going to their world after all.
    my God, it's full of stars!
  • FeydFeyd  (1 like this)

    Re the observation that the engineers didnt know about humans on earth, the cave paintings tell us that engineers visited the earth at various times and interacted with primitive humans.

    Re the decision to kill humans, I like the experiment out of control idea and of course bear in mind that the experiment is now running amok on the WMD planet so whether or not the engineers or a faction of the engineers want humans dead, these humans (the prometheus crew) repesent a real and immediate danger to everyone.

    I strongly suspect that David lied when he said the destination of the ship was earth.  We saw him fiddle with the star map and handle the earth hologram.  Maybe thats why we see the earth "selected" by the device later.  Maybe the lone survivor was going to nuke the site from orbit -- it's the only way to be sure.


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