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Sigourney Weaver talks Prometheus and Alien Films
  • Ripley8Ripley8  

    "Ridley and I talked about the idea of 'Prometheus' and I always thought
    that was the only story to tell...So I think it’s great that Ridley is
    doing it," she said. "I will be as excited as anyone to see how he
    recreates this creature, re-energizes the Alien. I’m very proud of our
    four movies and I wish him all the best with it."

    Those four movies would have been five, had Fox had its way. Joss
    Whedon, who wrote "Alien Resurrection," had a script written for the
    next installment, but for Weaver, it lacked the challenge of the
    previous films. "I wasn’t really interested in doing another Alien
    because Fox wanted us to come to Earth which I just thought was so
    boring," says Weaver. "I was like, oh my God, we’ll be running through a
    mall and the Alien will be in Bloomingdale’s or something." For the
    record, we'd be totally on board with a
    high-end-department-store-on-Black-Friday-set Alien sequel, as, whatever
    about prison planets and clone laboratories, that's a terror to which
    we can all relate. In any case, Weaver sends further good vibes to
    Charlize Theron who has the unenviable task of "following" Weaver's
    Ripley as the new female lead of an Alien movie.

    "Well, you know [the iconic nature of Ripley] happened over four movies
    so let’s give [Theron] a break. I’m sure they’re not trying to create a
    blonde Ripley or anything. She’s a wonderful actress, she’ll want to do
    her own thing with it and not be in the shadow of the other one," she
    says. Indeed, Theron is playing the CEO of Weyland-Yutani, the shady
    company that sent Weaver and her crew into outer space in the first
    place, so she'll be adding a very different piece to the puzzle.

    "'Alien 3' was difficult in a sense," Weaver understates, "but I loved
    David Fincher, I loved the cast. What was hard was that we were under a
    lot of pressure to get the movie done and some movies are very hard to
    rush, so there was a lot of unnecessary tension." Smiling, she adds, "I
    think creativity thrives in an atmosphere of joy and love, but not
    everyone agrees with me…but I think we made a good movie. When I think
    of 'Alien 3,' I don’t remember the pain, I just remember what we were
    trying to do."

    "I wasn't too happy about Predator joining Aliens alley. I'm happy
    Ridley has taken up the baton and is doing this film. I'll definitely be
    in the theater rooting them on."

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  • ViscalViscal  
    This was a good article. Certainly better than the article that started the slew of "Prometheus was Sigourney Weaver's idea" derivative articles

    Thanks for sharing!
    I wanna go home and party.
  • sigourney is my favourite MILF :D woman is gorgeous even for her age. it must feel awkward for her daughters boyfriends. i have more respect for her for saying she doesnt like AVP
    I was an AVP fan like you. . . Till I took an Arrow to the knee!!!!
  • ViscalViscal  
    she's a fierce woman -- wouldn't even shake Paul Reiser's hand, lol
    I wanna go home and party.
  • i can imagine picking her up for a date. but youll have to answer one question

    SIGOURNEY:   Are you a god?

    ME: Yes. yes i am

    SIGOURNEY: Okay then
    I was an AVP fan like you. . . Till I took an Arrow to the knee!!!!
  • I enjoyed that little snippet. Good that she (albeit tactfully) expressed disapproval for AvP.

    It's funny, I remember when she was promoting ALIEN 3 - which she seems to have had a big hand in - she was keen to point out how different it was from ALIENS. She said something disparaging like: "James Cameron was more interested in big guns". Maybe she's mellowed toward it. Says she's "very proud of our 4 movies".
    Creator of 'ALIEN age 11: Sight Unseen'
    (the other 1979 graphic novel)
  • deadinspacedeadinspace  (1 like this)

    David Fincher got unfairly blamed for Alien3 when it was his directorial talent that managed to salvage what was otherwise a miserably concocted film that didn't even have a script three weeks into production. Which is unfortunate because Alien3 is the one I always felt COULD HAVE been (and tried to be) the closest ancestor to the original.

    Alien Resurrection, IMO, was a glossy, pretentious hollywood turd that buried the franchise, which I'm sure deep down Sigourney believes but would never admit.

  • Oh I hated Resurrection. Too much like a comic for my tastes.

    And the baby ALIEN looked laughable. They were also repeating themselves too much.

    She's a robot - they're allowing the aliens to impregnate people - there's the lab with weird things in flasks... etc.

    I'll give it one thing though: scariest ever scene of the scientist taunting and rattling the aliens' cage.
    Creator of 'ALIEN age 11: Sight Unseen'
    (the other 1979 graphic novel)
  • kjohnson26kjohnson26  (1 like this)
  • deadinspacedeadinspace  (1 like this)

    I remember reading somewhere that they also hired William Gibson for a re-write and the producers hated it.

    The first scene in Alien3 should have broken type with an extended action scene that had them waking up to alarms and fending off fires and a face hugger, but having it attach to the face of either hicks or newt. Then maybe they take the impregnated body into an escape pod and crash into the prison colony.

    Although maybe it should't have been a prison colony and perhaps should have worked out a scenario that brings them back to the origin of the xenomorph, which this movie appears to be.

    Oh well, no use crying of spilled milk. I'm just glad we're finally (well, hopefully) getting the movie the fans have wanted.

  • ramp_closingramp_closing  (1 like this)
    I've read the various Alien 3 scripts while sick over the last week.  Gibson's was deplorable.  Totally crapped all over the established lore and made it just another B movie monster that spread as a virus.  Eric Red's script was even worse.  Fasano's wood satellite story had some interesting elements but didn't work as a whole.  I thought Twohy's was actually pretty interesting.  I believe that one kicked off the foundry idea that remained in Fincher's piece.
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